Relocation, Day-to-day
Dilapidations & Exit 


We provide valued, on-demand support services that help customers plan, prevent and also quickly respond to the unexpected. Providing a central hub for most eventualities, we have spent years creating an ecosystem of trusted response teams, managed as one.

From office relocation, to planned preventative maintenance and the daily logistical moves, adds and changes; we are proud of the feedback we receive on our highly committed services team.

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  1. Centralised support, unified well tested supply chain
  2. Agreed & audited SLA’s on procurement, after-sales services & support
  3. End-to-end managed relocations small and large 1000+ employees
  4. Post build compliance documentation and operational manuals
  5. Flexibility of supply, minimum of 10 year warranty and 10 years continuity of product
  6. Planned preventative maintenance that minimises dilapidation liability


& Documents


& exit

Major Moves Planning & Delivery

O&Ms, H&S, Risk & Method Statements

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Moves, Adds & Changes

Demolition, Disposal & Recycle

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